Slider Lift-Out Windows in Ottawa

Merivale Windows’ slider lift-out style brings the most popular residential window right to Ottawa’s door. Constructed to Merivale’s usual exacting high standards, the slider life out window comes in single or double dash types.

The panes of the slider lift-out window can be slid horizontally to allow air to enter and exit a room, as well as be lifted out to offer easy cleaning. During the summer months, the windows can be completely removed. Despite this ease of use, the slider lift-out style provides incredible security standards to keep loved ones safe.


Slider lift-out windows are the most popular residential window choice for several reasons. Among the features that this style comes with are:

  • Single or double sash sliders that allow control over inside temperatures.
  • Fusion-welded sash and frame for durability.
  • Lift-out for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Superb security standards with easy customization.

Colour Options

As with all our window styles, slider lift-out windows from Merivale Windows come in a rainbow of colour options. These include: Standard White, Sandy White, Peal Green, Brick Red and many more.


Glass Options

Our slider lift-out windows are constructed with our customer in mind. They come in double and triple pane varieties and can be enhanced with any of our trademarked coatings. The state-of-the-art LoE-180 coating brings modern technology to your home to allow sunlight to easily enter a room while keeping it well insulated from the cold outside.

Similarly, our Neat glass coating utilizes the sun’s UV rays to deter dirt from sticking to your windows and keep them sparkling clean.


All of our standard grill finishings are available for our slider lift-out windows, though the trim finish is the most important aspect for this style.

Among the many styles we carry are European, Georgian, Pencil and Beveled Glass.

Slider Lift-Out Windows Hardware

Slider lift-out windows are easily customizable for stronger security measures and additional unique touches. We carry a selection of security locks and handles which can be added to your windows.

The finishing of these locks and handles include Brushed Brass, Bright Chrome and Standard White.

Pros & Cons


Lift-out features offers ultimate practicality.

Incredibly easy to clean and maintain.

Horizontal design offers flexibility and more choice when less space is available.


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Installation Process at a Glance

Merivale Windows offers a comprehensive installation service that runs from the very first appointment right to installation. Here’s our method:

Book an appointment with our friendly team where we can talk through your expectations and requirements for your slider lift-out windows.
Final Measurements
Our technicians measure up your windows to guarantee an exact.
At our factory, your slider lift-out windows are painstakingly manufactured to our industry-leading standards.
Merivale Windows gets your windows where they need to be on time prior to installation.
A time is arranged, and our expert team arrives to your home and fits the windows without hassle. Enjoy!

If you’re looking for slider lift-out windows in the Ottawa area, then Merivale Windows is the company for you.

By bringing our window production, delivery and installation in-house, we deliver an unbeatable window service across Ottawa.

To employ the services of Ottawa’s most trusted window suppliers, call Merivale Windows today!