Porch Enclosures in Ottawa

Porch enclosures are becoming more and more popular. Although storm doors are some of the most durable options for an entry door, porch enclosures can provide the exact same benefits. At Merivale Windows, we’ve become experts at installing the perfect porch enclosure ensuring durable protection for your home.

Benefits of Porch Enclosures

There are many benefits to installing a porch enclosure. Here are some of the main benefits:

  • Protects from the elements
    Protects from the elements

    porch enclosures effectively protect itself from the elements

  • Ventilation

    porch enclosures can allow for ventilation at any time of day and all throughout the day. Also, our tempered glass allows for outdoor viewing whenever you wish.

  • Extra Space
    Extra Space

    With the addition of a porch enclosure, you are essentially adding extra space to your home, making room for boots, people and other items.

  • Added Security
    Added Security

    porch enclosures are a great option for those concerned with security. Our enclosures are made with the strongest, most durable materials ensuring for maximum safety.

  • Buffers Heat
    Buffers Heat

    Having an extra layer of protection is great during the winter when you want to keep heat in and cold and snow out. Porch enclosures are an effective option for insulation and energy efficiency.

Need Porch Enclosures in Ottawa

Porch Enclosure Configurations

Our porch enclosures come in many different configurations which suit any home set up or need. We design our enclosures with slip channels that are able to adjust to uneven and non-square walls.

Also, many of our configurations can include transoms which are horizontal beams placed above a door. All of our configurations are custom made and are designed with operating windows and doors. Here are some of the configurations we offer:

Single Door and Transom
7 standard colours and fits brick to brick openings 33’ to 42’ wide.
Glass and Screened Enclosure Panel 40” - 50”
Transoms can be made up to 115” wide, venting transoms are available for this design.
Double Door and Transom
This design offers superior lighting because of the transom and double glass doors.

There are many reasons to install a porch enclosure for your home. But at the end of the day, it’s nice to know that your porch is protected from unwanted pests, animals and even people. Merivale Windows can help you design your perfect porch enclosure through our comprehensive customization system.

If you’re looking for a porch enclosure in Ottawa, consider the custom route. Merivale Windows has over 25 years of experience installing doors and porch enclosures. Leading with our industry experience and expertise, we’d love to help you design and install your porch enclosure that will complement the unique design of your home.