Caulking Services in Ottawa

If you’re experiencing water and air leaks around your windows and doors, the quality of your caulking may need to be checked. If your caulking is damaged or cracked, it can lead to a whole multitude of problems. Damaged caulking can make your home less energy efficient, it can lead to water leaks which can lead to rot and mould and allow for the unwanted entry of pests and insects.

At Merivale Windows, we are the experts when it comes to caulking and only offer the highest quality caulking service in Ottawa.

When Is Caulking Recommended?

Caulking is recommended if you are experiencing an influx of pests and insects that are entering your home. It also recommended if your doors and windows are leaking water or if you feel any excess drafts of air coming from outside. Remember, because of excessive air loss, your heating system will have to compensate for the loss of heat, making for a more expensive heating bill at the end of the month. If you are experiencing any of these signs, you should consider recaulking your home. Merivale Windows will be happy to help you seal up those tricky gaps between your windows and doors.

Caulking Process

We take great care in caulking your home. The process begins as we strip away all of the old damaged caulking and apply a new sealant to ensure a tight seal. Then, we evaluate your need for spray foam or backer rod to fill in tricky gaps that would allow entry of pests and insects. Our windows and doors caulking service ensures for a thorough and air-tight seal around every corner and every edge. And because we use high-grade caulking, you won’t have to worry about recaulking for many years to come.

There are many caulking services in Ottawa, but we guarantee that with our service, you will be getting the tightest seal, resulting in a more climate controlled, energy efficient home. Whether it’s window or door caulking you’re looking for, we service every need and every home type.