About Us

Merivale Windows

As a proud Ottawa company, the team at Merivale Windows has quickly become known for our stellar customer service, great pricing and superb quality. We have worked hard to establish our brand here in the nation's capital, and since our founding has delivered numerous window and door installations in both Ottawa and the surrounding area.


Merivale Windows has assembled a team with over 25 years of experience in the field, and through a combination of expert knowledge and seasoned expertise, we are set up for project success. From the initial visit to the final installation, the team at Merivale Windows will walk you through expected timelines, keep you up to date on the process and ensure installation is stress-free and goes according to plan.


Brand Partnerships

Our company has spent the time and effort to find and secure great pricing on some of the best brands on the market, including some window models who were found to be the most energy efficient models on the market. These brands represent quality builds, and the team at Merivale Windows stands by these brands and are proud to offer these windows and doors to our valued customers.


Continued Learning

We have committed to teaching and training our staff on the latest technology, safety and best practices within the industry, and have created a mantra of continual learning for our team. Whether they are the more experienced employees learning new technologies, or our younger employees learning the craft, Merivale Windows strives to create a fun, committed and dedicated team for years to come.