Single Slider Tilt Windows in Ottawa

Our beautiful single slider tilt windows feature a single sliding sash window that opens from one side of the window and allows airflow in and out of your room. The traditional design of the single slider tilt fits wonderfully with Ottawa’s classic architectural styles. The single slider from Merivale Windows offers unimpeded views to the outside and is a popular choice for homes with smaller windows.

Features of Single Slider Tilt Windows

Single slider tilt windows from Merivale Windows come jam packed with features. Among these are:

  • Reinforced interlocking sashes offer total security while cam system adds further strength.
  • Modern, minimalist look that suits new and older homes.
  • Tilt design for easy washing without ladders.
  • Fusion-welded frame.
  • The screen can be removed and reinstalled as and when is needed.
  • Sliding design provides wide-open vistas to outside.
  • Variety of finishes to fit in with all surroundings.

Colour Options

To ensure that your single slider tilt window fits subtly into your home’s overall appearance, Merivale Windows deliver a variety of colour options that our clients in Ottawa can choose from.

There are both interior and exterior choices for your single slider tilt window frame. These include: Sandalwood, Sandy White, Fiddlehead Green and many other colours.


Glass Options

The glass that accompanies your single slider tilt window is constructed to the very highest industry standards to offer durable and long-lasting use.

Our LoE-180 glass leverages the latest in glass technology to provide fantastic insulation while also allowing sunlight into the home while our Neat glass formula helps keep a bright and tidy appearance by harnessing the sun’s UV rays to help deter dirt and stains.

The glass for your single slider tilt window can come single, double or triple glazed.


The grills on a window offer a finishing touch that can make your windows unique from the homes around you.

Merivale Windows provides several grill options to choose from, including the Georgian, Pencil, European and Colonial styles among others. We also offer the Simulated Divided Lites (SDL) grill style. All grills come in a variety of finishings and colours.


Our hardware options further tailor the appearance of your single slider tilt windows and provide added security and style to a home.

Our handle and lock selection comes in a variety of finishes including Standard White, Western Pewter, Antique Brass and others.

Pros & Cons


Sliding style provides unimpeded opening ideal for rooms with obstacles, such as trees, directly outside.

Tilt design provides easy cleaning.

Screen easily removed for repainting, cleaning or refitting.

Cheaper than double slider tilt.


Single sliding sash does not offer as much air circulation into the room as double sliding windows.


Ordering single slider tilt windows from us is easy. Here’s our simple process, from first appointment to installation.

We arrive to your home to view potential single slider tilt window placement areas and thoroughly discuss your requirements.
Final Measurements
Our window technicians go to your home to take the final measurements before your windows are ordered for production.
Your single slider tilt windows are constructed to match your measurements and tailored to your requirements.
Merivale Windows delivers your single slider tilt windows exactly when we agreed.
Our window technicians efficiently install your windows at an agreed upon time.

Single slider tilt windows from Merivale Windows offer the very highest design and construction quality while being among the most affordable in the Ottawa area.

Great for small homes as well as larger ones, single sliding tilt windows are a top choice for modern families that want a classic look.

Call us today to get the windows you always wanted!