Single Hung Tilt Windows in Ottawa

Single hung tilt windows are a Canadian classic that continues to be a popular choice due to the sweet mix of practicality and pleasing aesthetics.

With a static window pane and a hung sash that can be moved and tilted upwards for opening and back down to close, single hung tilt windows employ a simple but effective design.

Merivale Windows delivers superb single hung tilt windows for homes throughout the Ottawa area.


The popularity of this window model is no surprise once you see the range of features they come equipped with. Among the features that single hung tilt windows from us provide are:

  • Tilting design for simple cleaning without the need for ladders
  • Interlocking sash design for superb security and insulation qualities
  • Weather stripping to ensure a tight seal when window is closed
  • Easy to remove the half screen for cleaning or repainting
  • A choice of double or triple panes
  • And many more

Colour Options

Single hung tilt windows from Merivale Windows come in several colour options to suit any home’s architectural style. Among the colours we provide you can choose from are: Dark Beige, Deep Royal Blue, Brick Red and many other.


Glass Options

Merivale Windows provides several glass options for your single hung tilt windows. Included in this range is our LoE-180 glass glaze design, which uses the latest in glass technology to keep your home well insulated and bright. Ideal for Ottawa weather!

Our Neat glass formula lets the sun do the cleaning work by harnessing UV rays to deter dirt from sticking to your window. With a simple application of water, your windows will be clean.

There are also double and triple pane glass options to choose from with our single hung tilt window style.


Merivale Windows offers a selection of grill styles so that you can customize your windows and match them to the home they will be going to.

We have Simulated Divided Lites (SLD) Grilles that are fitted onto the glass exterior. Additionally, you can tint, bevel and groove your grills should you wish.

Our grills come in a range of styles including Georgian, Square, European and V-Groove types.


Merivale Windows delivers a range of hardware options that can be added and fitted to your single hung tilt windows as you please. Our hardware can enhance the windows’ security and provide a distinctive finish.

Our locks and handles come in different finishes including Antique Brass, Bright Chrome, Standard White and many more.

Pros & Cons of Single
Hung Tilt Windows


Cheaper than double hung tilt windows

Tilt design offers easy cleaning with no need for ladders

Simple maintenance with removable half screen


Only bottom sash moves, offering less ventilation than double hung tilt windows


Purchasing and installing single hunt tilt windows could not be easier with the Merivale Windows process. Here is the outline of the superb customer service you should expect:

Our window technicians can come to your home to assess the best and most practical window solutions for your particular home. We can guide home owners the most suitable window design for their building and the pros and cons of each.
Final Measurements
We will take our final measurements from your home at an arrange time that is convenient for you. You tell us when.
Your windows are manufactured in our factory which is local to Ottawa, ensuring fast processing time and high-quality levels.
We deliver to your home straight from the factory. No middle men around here!
Our highly-skilled team install your windows for a snug, air-tight fit. Now you just have to enjoy!

A Canadian classic, the single hung tilt window is a great choice for a beautiful window with distinctive style. Economical and well-loved, the single hung tilt window comes with a litany of positive reviews.

With Merivale Windows, Ottawans can be assured of exceptional quality in build and design and a thorough customer service that puts you first.

For the best single hung tilt windows in Ottawa, come to Merivale Windows.