Picture Windows in Ottawa

When you think of the classic window shot what do you imagine? Well, at Merivale Windows, we think about a gorgeous picture window overlooking the Ottawa Valley. Picture windows are some of the most popular window options for our clients due to their ageless look and high build quality. Our team has worked hard to secure North American products that will stand up to our harsh winters and hot summers. If you are looking for picture windows for your Ottawa home, the team at Merivale Windows is here to help you!

Picture Windows Features

Picture windows are known for their high-quality build standards and amazing look within your home. Here are our favourite features of picture windows:

  • Energy efficiency - Energy Star® award-winning windows in 2018.
  • A modern yet elegant look for a home.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Abundant amount of natural light.
  • Insulated and waterproofed to last through Canadian winters.

Picture Windows
Colour Options

If you are looking for the ideal picture window design, you will find the perfect colour here at Merivale Windows. We have quickly become known for our vast colour options! From traditional colours, such as white, to something a little more out of the ordinary, such as brass, you can be sure we have a custom window colour for everyone. Why settle for the same three colours when you can practically have the entire colour wheel at Merivale Windows? Come into the store, or check out our selections online to find your ideal colour for your space.


Picture Window Frame

Today’s window frame designs circle around uPVC windows. Vinyl windows are known for their insulative, and practically indestructible nature and have quickly proven to be one of the top choices in our northern climate.


Glass Options

Windows are all about the glass. We offer a wide variety of quality glass options to ensure that your replacement picture windows meet your requirements. Below you will find our glass options for our uPVC picture windows.

Double Pane

The industry standard in Canada is the double-paned window, and we have just that. Our dual paned options include a super spacer and argon gas. Laminated double panes have a higher threshold to avoid breaking.


Triple pane options provide better energy-efficiency, security and soundproofing.

Hardware We Use for Our Picture Windows

Hardware is an essential part of any window, and when you consider hardware as part of the overall look of a window like we do at Merivale Windows, you will quickly understand why we take the time to procure and provide our customers with quality hardware for all of our picture windows. From jambs to case extensions the team at Merivale Windows has you covered for all of your picture windows needs here in Ottawa. Head over to our showroom and see what is in the art of the possible in terms of hardware.

Picture Windows Pros & Cons

The picture window has long been considered an excellent window replacement option. There are a ton of benefits for those who are looking for picture windows, and no matter if you want more light or a great centrepiece in the house, a picture window could be the answer you are looking for. Below you will find some of the pros and cons that we have heard from customers and that we have experienced ourselves when it comes to picture windows.


Allow ample natural light.

Great modern look.

Great price compared to other windows of the same size.

Energy efficiency.


Lack of ventilation.

Heat gain can be significant.

Picture Window

We went an extra mile to ensure our clients know how we operate when we are selected as the window installer. Below you will find a short overview of our process to understand what to expect from your windows replacement project.

Our initial appointment is where we take initial measurements, chat to you about options and start to create our quote.
Final Measurements
Once selected, we will come back to the home to complete final measurements.
We will then start the production process of your picture windows.
Our team will deliver the windows to your home before the installation.
Our team will arrive on site and quickly, efficiently and safely complete the installation of your windows.

If you are in the market for picture windows today, call the true leaders in replacement windows at Merivale Windows. We have been providing top quality products to our clients since our founding, and no matter if you are looking for replacement windows or new windows, our team of installers will work with you to ensure all your requirements are met.

Call us today and see the Merivale difference as soon as we arrive on the scene!