Double Slider Tilt Windows in Ottawa

Double slider tilt windows from Merivale Windows deliver superb design and build quality for Ottawa citizens looking for both understated style and functionality from their windows. The double slider tilt - which features two sliding panes - is the perfect window style when landscape or hardscape features outside of your home would block an out-swinging window.

Double Slider Tilt Windows Features

Merivale Windows double slider tilt windows offer an array of features including:

  • Double sliding window panes for total control of your indoor environment.
  • An interlocking sash design that guarantees security for your home.
  • High-performing insulation that keeps the cold out
  • Fusion-welded frame to increase strength and deter break-ins.
  • Easy-cleaning design.
  • Choice of pane amounts and finishes.

Colour Options for
Double Slider Tilt Windows

Merivale Windows aims to deliver total choice for Ottawa citizens. The colours available are: Sandalwood, Brown, Ivory, Sandstone, Classic Burgundy, Brick Red, Peal Green, Black Iron, Normandy, Dark Bronze and more!


Glass Options

Among the glass options for your double slider tilt windows is our LoE-180 design, which leverages the latest in glass technology to provide fantastic insulation while also allowing sunlight into the home.

Our new self-cleaning Neat glass formula employs UV rays to deter dirt and stains from sticking to your window. Simply apply water to your window to wash clean.

We also have several other glass options to choose from.


Grills enhance the visual appearance of any window, including double slider tilt designs. Stand out from other Ottawa residents with a unique grill design from us!

Included in our grill options is the ever popular Simulated Divided Lites (SDL) option and the Colonial, Georgian, Pencil and European style among others.


Adding and tailoring hardware for your double slider tilt windows ensures enhanced security for your home and an improved appearance of the windows.

We have a range of hardware options that come finished in different styles. Among these are handles that can be finished different. Available finishes are: Bright Chrome, Antique Brass, Bright Brass, Western Pewter and more.

Pros & Cons


Tilting feature offers easy cleaning without climbing ladders.

Sliding window offers enhanced control over your indoor environment, helping maintain temperatures and draughtiness inside.

Unlike an out-swinging window, the double slider tilt will not be impeded by trees or landscape and hardscaping features.


Complex design can mean double slider tilt windows are more expensive than others.

Our Installation Process

Double slider tilt windows come with Merivale Windows’ renowned customer care and support, from first appointment to final installation. Here’s a quick look at the installation process you can expect to receive from us:

Book at appointment with our knowledgeable team to hear about the possible double slider tilt windows that could work for your construction.
Final Measurements
We will take a minimum of 2 measurements of the area you are hoping to install in, on which we will base our production plan.
Production takes place at our foundry and brings your window design to life.
Our team will deliver your windows and place them where needed prior to their final installation.
Merivale Windows’ certified technicians will skillfully fit your windows and ensure they function brilliantly.

For a unique and beautiful window that compliment a range of architectural house styles, double slider tilt windows are a perfect fit. Solidly built, utterly secure and easy to clean, they are a fantastic addition for any home.

With Merivale Windows, Ottawa’s homeowners can be assured of exceptional quality in build and design and a thorough customer service that puts you first.

For peace of mind, come to us!