Double Hung Tilt Windows in Ottawa

Double hung tilt windows offer pragmatic use of space and design as a perfect addition to any Ottawa home.

The double hung tilt window style is able to be open from top or bottom to give homeowners complete control over their indoor environment while removing the concern that an open window may bang against anything outside.

The double hung tilt window is perhaps the most classic of all styles and offers an elegance none others can surpass.

Double Hung Tilt Windows Features

The double hung tilt style is a popular choice for Merivale Window clients for obvious reasons. Among the features that the design offers are:

  • Classic design that works for traditional homes and more minimalist settings.
  • Complete control over the indoor environment with double sash sliding allows air to enter and exit easily.
  • Tilt design offers easy cleaning without the need for ladders.
  • Incredible insulation qualities that reduce heat escaping.
  • Great security for your home and loved ones.

Colour Options

While Standard White is often the most popular choice for Ottawa residents purchasing double hung tilt windows, Merivale Windows offers a variety of other colours to please all tastes. Among these are: Dark Beige, Peal Green, Stone Harbour and more.


Our Glass Options for
Double Hung Tilt Windows

Our glass offers customers protection against cracks and damages while maintaining the clarity of the pane. With single, double and triple pane thickness to choose from, our customers are spoilt for choice.

Merivale Windows also engineers its own exceptional glass coatings including our most popular LoE-180 coating which makes use of pioneering technology to insulate while allowing sunlight through. We also have our Neat glass formula that helps keep a bright and tidy appearance by harnessing the sun’s UV rays to help deter dirt and stains.


Merivale Windows’ grills allow customers to truly tailor their double hung tilt windows to their own style.

We have a selection of grill options popular in Ottawa Georgian, Pencil, European and Colonial styles among others. All grills come in a variety of colour options.


Our hardware choices offer a further step to help make your double hung tilt windows totally unique and tailored to your demands.

Handles and locks are available in styles including Bright Brass, Western Pewter and more. Our hardware adds the security that all Ottawa inhabitants deserve.

Double Hung Tilt
Windows - Pros & Cons


Very energy efficient window style

Tilt offers easy cleaning without the need for ladders

Superb ventilation throughout the room


More expensive than single hung tilt windows.

Not suited to smaller homes


When you order double hung tilt windows from Ottawa’s premier window supplier, the installation process is smooth and simple right from the start.

Our team meets you at your home to assess your current windows and placing to see where your new double hung tilt windows could go.
Final Measurements
Window technicians take final measurements so that our production facilities can construct your double hung tilt windows to exactly fit your home.
Your double hung tilt windows are constructed to match your measurements and tailored to your requirements
Merivale Windows takes your new windows directly to your home where they will arrive in superb condition.
We agree a time to send out team of window technicians to install your new double hung tilt windows.

For the most elegant of windows, the double hung tilt style is one of the best options.

Popular in the most sought-after areas of Ottawa, the double hung tilt window blends design with beauty for a long-lasting, secure and attractive window choice.

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