Casement Windows in Ottawa

As one of the premier replacement window contractors in the Ottawa area, the team at Merivale Windows knows a thing or two about our product. Casement windows are one of our most popular options due to their high return on investment, high-quality materials and their overall look as a replacement window. Casement Windows look and feel will ensure that you create a welcoming space for your family while maintaining an energy efficient home during the hot summers, and cold winters. When you are looking for casement windows in Ottawa, the selection and quality of our window options at Merivale Windows will ensure that you can find the perfect window for your home.

Casement Windows Features

Naturally, casement windows have some great qualities that separate them from the traditional and more custom window replacement options on the market. We love working with these quality energy star® windows and are proud to provide our customers with award winning models. Here are just a few of the great features of these windows:

  • Superior glass to help reduce heat loss
  • A 90-degree sash opening that is designed to make cleaning and ventilation easier
  • Weather sealing around the entire sash to keep out moisture, debris and dust
  • A custom window looks at a budget price
  • The top-notch locking system thet will help secure the home

Casement Windows
Colour Options

We know that when it comes to casement window design, one of the most critical aspects of the overall decision is the colour of the window itself. We have worked hard to secure one of the most abundant colour pallets in the Ottawa area, and we are proud of our great colour options that will ensure you can pair the right window with the overall look you have for your home. Our custom window options allow you to find the perfect colour for your design motif, and below you will find some fantastic options for your home!

From deep royal blue to sandalwood, and everything in between, the team at Merivale Windows has your ideal colour in stock! Find your colour below!


Casement Window Frame

When you are looking for a dependable, and yet stylish window frame design, it might be time to look at PVC casement windows. UPVC windows offer some great benefits when compared to other options on the market! This ingenious casement window design allows for customers to find a look that they love, with the water-resistant, corrosion resistant and insulating features of uPVC. When it comes to casement windows, uPVC might be the perfect fit for you and your home. We are also proud to offer grained laminate as an option for our casement windows which provides a great look and solid durability for years to come.


Glass Options

The team at Merivale Windows likes to provide our customers with choices, and this is part of the reason that we offer three great glass options for window replacements. All of our replacement casement windows that we install in Ottawa are tested before we mount them in your home, and our installers will go the extra mile to ensure that your glass unit is safe, secure and working as expected before completing any installation.

Laminated Glass
Our laminated glass which is ideal for those who are looking for one of the most secure glass panes on the market is our R5 Laminated LoE 180 with argon gas and a super spacer.

Our double pane option is our R4 LoE 180 with Argon gas and is paired with a super space to ensure a lack of heat transfer in the glass area.

We offer some quality products that are triple- paned and perfect for any window, including vinyl windows. Our R6 LoE 180 with argon gas and super spacer; our R7.5 LoE 180 with 50% argon gas and 50% krypton with super spacer and our R9 LoE 180 with krypton gas and a super spacer.

Grills &
Divided Lights

Merivale Windows wants to ensure that you get the perfect window and this is why we have put a focus on delivering customizable options for all of our grilles and divided lights. We offer both standard interior grilles, and simulated divided lite that allows for a traditional look with some texture on the window itself.

  • Colonial – 5/8 of an inch with white, brass, pewter in aluminium and brown, sandalwood, ivory and sandstone options in PVC Two Tone.
  • Georgian – 11/16 and 1-inch options with white in PVC and brown, sandalwood, ivory, sandstone, dark bronze, black, laminated oak and laminated cherry in PVC Two Tone
  • SDL – ¾ and 1-inch options with PVC options in white, brown, sandalwood, ivory, sandstone, dark bronze, black, laminated oak and laminated cherry
  • Pencil – 5/16 options with white, brass and pewter options in aluminium
  • Square – ¼ and 5/16 in white and pewter aluminium
  • Bevelled Glass – Available in brass, zinc or patina
  • V Groove – 3/8-inch etching
  • European – Black designs available

Hardware We Use for Our Casement Windows

Hardware is an important part of any window, and for the team at Merivale Windows, we have spent the time to invest and trust Canadian made hardware for all of our windows. We offer a wide range of quality hardware for our windows including window frame options, brick moulds in heritage style, expanders, nailing fins, returns, SDL’s, both PVC and wood casing extensions and of course, wood and PVC jambs and jamb extensions. Long story short, if you need it, chances are the team at Merivale can find and install the hardware that you need!

Casement Windows Pros & Cons

When you consider the positives that come with replacing windows with casement options, it should be no surprise that these handy windows have quickly taken off in terms of popularity in Ottawa. Here just a few of the great things, and a couple of drawbacks when it comes to replacing your windows with casements!


Casement windows allow you to open your windows 100% to the great outdoors.

Energy Efficiency
Casement windows are extremely energy efficient, and our work to procure solar solutions that eliminate up to 40% of home energy costs is always welcomed by Ottawa homeowners.

Ease of cleaning
Casement windows are super easy to clean and maintain which makes them preferred in busy homes

Qualities of the brands
For our casement windows we only carry top quality brands at Merivale Windows


Size Limitations
Casement windows can only go so big or small, and for some spaces, they are not ideal.

Casement windows are not cheap, but their energy efficient rating.

Casement Window Installation

Here at Merivale Windows, we like to ensure that our clients know how our processes work in terms of window replacements. Thus, you can find our standard process below. The team at Merivale Windows cannot wait to help you with your next window replacement project. If you or someone you know is looking for casement windows today, our team would love to assist. Whether it be casement windows or another one of the great products we carry, Merivale Windows is here for you. Call our team today to get your free no-pressure quote from one of our experts, and let’s make your windows a conversation piece.

After you have received your quote, we will chat with you about your design preferences, colour preferences and overall functionality of your future garage door.
Final Measurements
After this consultation, we will assess the measurements of your home and start the manufacturing process based on your custom measurements.
The garage door is manufactured under the supervision of top industry leaders and high trained craftsmen.
The garage door is delivered to your home
Our Ottawa garage doors are installed by our team of installation experts and come equipped with a comprehensive warranty