Fixed Casement Windows in Ottawa

When it comes to fixed casement windows in Ottawa, the team at Merivale Windows is uniquely set up to deliver quality window options to the Ottawa area and beyond. Our team of experts have been working in the window replacement industry niche for over 25 years, and we cannot wait to help deliver a quality experience with our wide selection of quality fixed casement windows in the house.

Fixed Casement Windows Features

If you have been looking for a feature window in your kitchen, a fixed cased window might be your ideal solution. These windows are not only grand in stature, but are quality window replacements when faced with a larger frame or space that needs a window. Please view below some of the most prominent features of our fixed casement windows:

  • Energy StarĀ® approved.
  • An elegant look for a great price.
  • Maximise natural light in a space.
  • Available in Double and Triple glass panes.

Fixed Casement Windows
Colour Options

When you are considering the colours for a fixed casement window, the possibilities are endless with Merivale Windows. We have spent the time and effort to procure a wide range of colour options that will fit any budget, style or taste. We encourage our customers to take a look at our various mock fixed casement window designs to see what is in the art of the possible. With a wide variety of uPVC window options in our store, you will be hard pressed to find a more comprehensive selection of colours and designs than in the Merivale Windows salesroom. Our colours are available year round, and whether you are looking for sandalwood or something a little more traditional like white, we have it in stock.


Fixed Casement Windows Pros & Cons

Fixed casement windows are some of the best solutions to larger spaces and natural light concerns. In Ottawa, these windows have become staples due to their good energy efficiency and great modern look. A fixed casement window can open up a room, create ample natural light and provide a centrepiece to a room if needed. These windows continue to be one of our most popular options, and for a good reason, they are gorgeous. However, even the most ideal options can have some cons. To ensure you are making an informed choice of windows, we have collected some pros and a couple of cons for fixed casement replacement windows for you to consider:


Energy Efficient.

Easy to clean from the inside.

Allow lots of natural light.

Make rooms look larger.

Simple to interior design around.


Do not open.

Can be difficult to clean the outside depending on location.

Fixed casement windows are some of the most popular window choices in Ottawa, and for the team at Merivale Windows it all comes down to the design you are looking to promote within the home.

If you are thinking of fixed casements for your replacement windows, give our team a call. With a vast selection of designs and some of the best pricing in the capital, Merivale Windows is your one-stop shop for everything picturesque. Entrust your replacement windows project to one of the local leaders in Ottawa!