Bay & Bow Windows in Ottawa

Bay and bow windows from Merivale Windows create stunning features for any room as well as a beautiful place to watch the world go by.

Our bay and bow replacement windows are the right choice for residents of Ottawa who want both charm and quality inside of their home. Not only our windows are a visual pleasure, but they are also sturdily constructed with designs that keep warmth in and cold out. Solidly constructed from hard-wearing PVC, they are the right choice to replace old windows with.

With many various window options and plenty of grille types to choose from, Merivale Windows are the gold standard for quality of bay and bow windows in Ottawa.

Bay & Bow Windows Features

  • Energy efficient Multichambered design for maximum insulation throughout the cold Ottawa winters and coolness during summer months.
  • Double or triple window panes for maximum choice and security, and noise-reducing abilities - 7/8” inch glass strength.
  • Flexible design for bay and bow window replacement in Ottawa, offering maximum choice for customers.
  • Quality uPVC windows for extra-long life and strength.
  • Star Registered bay and bow windows with award-winning Merivale casements rated as “Most Energy Efficient” in 2018.
  • Our superb selection of bay and bow vinyl window designs offers choices for any type of home.
  • Low-profile bay and bow window locks for unimpeded views.
  • Innovative interlocking design that keeps your home safe under all situations.

Bay & Bow Windows Colour Options

Once you have chosen your ideal material for your bay and boy window design, it’s time to customize them further by decided on which of our many colour options you require. With so many tones, hues and colour options to choose from in your bay and bow window design, you’ll never be short of choices!

From ivory to dark bronze, sandalwood to brick red, Merivale Windows, Ottawa, offers a style to suit any home.

Our colour options are long-lasting and able to withstand environmental pressures to stay bright and clean. With options for both interior and exterior sides of your bay and bow windows, your choices are flexible.


Glass Options

Merivale Windows provides complete glass customization for improved customer experience for window replacement. We only work with quality products. Among our glass options are double, triple and laminated glass. The thicker the glass unit, the better the heat insulation and noise reduction properties will be.


Double glazed windows are a standard width that offers strong performance suitable for any home.


Triple glazing increases the glass area for dramatically improved insulation performance, making it a great choice for bay and bow windows in Ottawa. Laminated glass is a high-security glass type and provides the greatest level of strength.

We offer a multitude of window glazing options that are suitable for use in PVC, uPVC or vinyl windows. With R4 to R9 glazing options, you can enjoy

Grills & Divided Lights

Merivale Windows uses quality hardware to construct the strongest choice for Ottawa bay and bow windows.

Among our window customization options are our grills and divided lights.

Our range of grills and divided lights suit any architectural style or design. Among our many frame designs are Colonial, Georgian and European styles, as well as Beveled Glass, Pencil and SDL style frames.

Hardware We Use for Our Bay & Bow Windows

We offer a choice of quality hardware and accessories for use in our superb Ottawa bay and bow windows.

The standard white hardware gives your windows the classic, understated look.

To add a flourish, we also stock Copperstone, Bright Brass, Western Pewter and Brushed Chrome among other options.

With so many quality hardware options to choose from, your bay and bow windows will be tailored to your tastes.

Bay & Bow Windows Pros & Cons

With Merivale Windows, replacing your bay and bow windows is so easy - just give us a call!


Bay and bow windows can offer excellent energy efficiency when installed by trained technicians.

The beautiful, elegant designs of both bay and bow window types compliment the architectural design of any home, from modern to classical design types.

These great window types add texture and shape to modern homes as bay windows in Ottawa extend beyond brickwork.

Bay windows open a room up to offer much more space and help a small home feel less cramped - ideal for smaller modern homes.


Require a minimum level of width to be installed.

Bow windows can be more expensive.

Bay & Bow Window Installation

Your bay and bow window installation is a simple, straightforward process.

We arrive to your home and discuss your needs.
Final Measurements
We take our final measurements to be delivered to our production plant.
Your windows are constructed to your exacting design.
We deliver your doors promptly for your convenience
Our trained and experienced technicians install your bay and bow windows to guarantee total satisfaction.

Merivale Windows offers the very highest quality of bay and bow windows in Ottawa. As one of the most trusted window replacement services in Ottawa, we strive to go beyond our clients’ expectations.

To request your free quote and see your options, call us today or fill out a form on our website. We’re waiting!