Awning Windows in Ottawa

Awning windows have long been considered one of the top options for our clients in the Ottawa due to their functionality. These windows are known to be aesthetically appealing, and an energy efficient option that will not go out of style. When it comes to classic awning windows in Ottawa, the team at Merivale Windows has one of the largest selections of windows in the city, and the best pricing in and around the Capital for all of your window needs.

Awning Windows Features

If you are in the market for awning windows here in Ottawa, it might be time to chat. The team at Merivale Windows has worked long and hard to ensure we provide the best quality awning windows to our customers. From the energy efficient nature of our brands, including some 2018 award winning models to the great, there is a ton of great features that our awning windows provide, including, but not limited to:

  • Build Quality
  • Ageless Look
  • Blends in flawlessly to the rest of the home design
  • Smooth operation with up to a 45-degree opening
  • Overlap screen included
  • Double and triple pane options

Awning Windows
Colour Options

When it comes to colour options, the team at Merivale Windows has gone above and beyond for our clients. We are proud to offer a wide range of colours to ensure that your awning window not only fits in with your home but provides you with the look that you have always wanted with custom windows. Our awning windows come in everything from sandstone to sandalwood, the team at Merivale Windows will be able to find a suitable awning window design to match the overall look and feel of your space.


Awning Window Frame

We are proud to offer a variety of options in terms of awning window frames, that will match your design. Our uPVC awning window allows you to take advantage of the great insulative, and durability qualities of PVC with a custom look that will ensure you find the right fit for your awning window replacement option. We are proud to carry awning vinyl windows that will allow your budget and overall window frame design will be maintained.


Glass Options
for Awning Windows

When you are considering replacement awning windows in and around Ottawa, the team at Merivale Windows knows that our clients want options. This is why we offer a wide variety of quality products so that you can find the perfect window replacement panes for your home. Below you will find our glass options.


Double pane glass is the standard in our industry and provides our customers with quality energy efficiency with argon gas and super spacers adding to the overall efficiency.


Our triple-paned glass is one of our most popular, and with three distinct styles including argon, 50/50 argon and krypton, we have the triple pane window replacement you will love.

Hardware We Use for Our Awning Windows

Finding quality hardware is always an essential part of the window buying experience, and here at Merivale Windows we have worked hard to find both North American and European style window hardware to ensure our clients have access to the looks they want. We offer our traditional multi-point lever lock and our crank options in a variety of colours including our stock white, and premium colours such as coppertone, bright brass, brushed chrome and antique brass. All of our hardware options will be installed by our expert team, and no matter the brand of window you choose, we have the hardware to match!

Grills &
Divided Lights

Grilles bring a window together, especially for awning windows that are designed to survive those tough winters in Ottawa. Our replacement window options are quite vast and no matter if you are looking for something specific such as V Groove or a traditional look like Colonial, the team at Merivale has you covered! Types of grills we offer:

  • Colonial - 5/8 of an inch in aluminium and PVC Two Tone
  • Georgian - 11/16 and 1-inch options in PVC and PVC Two Tone
  • SDL- ¾ and 1-inch options in PVC
  • Pencil - 5/16 options in aluminium
  • Square - ¼ and 5/16 in aluminium
  • Bevelled Glass - Available in brass, zinc or patina
  • V Groove - 3/8 inch etching
  • European - Black designs available

Awning Windows Pros & Cons

From traditional replacement windows to awning windows, the team at Merivale Windows can help you find the perfect windows for your Ottawa home. Our team has worked long and hard to acquire the best in the industry, and with energy efficiency at the heart of every window we have in stock, you will be in good hands. When it comes to awning windows, there are some pros, and a few cons, but the overall reception as a replacement window has been great for our clients. Here are just a few of the pros and cons of the awning window we have seen!


Create great ventilation when compared to other window designs.

Can be in an open position during rain or storms.

Modern look, without the cost.

Provide light into a room.

Match almost any interior decorating.


Tend to catch dirt.

Not easy to escape through in an emergency.

Awning Window

The installation process for awning window replacements is often quite complicated for those not in the industry, and for the team at Merivale Windows, we have spent the time and effort to ensure that our clients know what they are getting into when they replace awning windows in Ottawa with us. So, naturally, in the spirit of excellent customer service, we have described our process for replacing awning windows below.

The appointment is for our team to get a good idea of your needs and wants, and will provide us with an initial measurement of the space and frames to create a no obligation quote for the job.
Final Measurements
Once selected we will come back to the home and complete the final measurements before ordering the windows.
Produced in North America, Merivale Windows stock is tested before heading out to the customers home for overall build quality and heat loss.
We deliver all of our Ottawa windows, and will work with you to find a suitable storage spot before installation.
Our team will complete the installation of your awning windows with a commitment to fast, efficient and safe installation methods.

From replacement windows next week to awning windows today, the team at Merivale Windows is uniquely set up to produce quality workmanship on your very own custom windows. From initial appointment to installation our team of experts will work with you to ensure you find the perfect window for your home.

Call us today, and see how Merivale Windows can help you find the ideal awning window for your space!