Architectural Shape Windows in Ottawa

For Ottawa residents that demand the wow factor for their windows, architectural shape windows are the best option.

Merivale Windows provides exceptional window design to exactly construct the window style that you had in mind for your home. Our in-house engineers can work with you to build the perfect, completely unique window for every area of your home.

With a vast selection of glass, finishing and mechanism types to choose from, architectural shape windows really do offer complete freedom.

Pick up the phone to begin the process of bringing your window design dream to life!


Every architectural shape window design is different. However, the choice we deliver to our customers and the supreme standard of build that we guarantee is constant.

The features of architectural shape windows include:

  • Detailed, artistic and professional craftsmanship in design and build.
  • Variety of finishing and trims.
  • Variety of glass pane options, including glass coatings.
  • Variety of hardware finishings.
  • A window that is entirely unique to you.

Architectural Shape
Windows Colour Options

Our architectural style windows come in a variety of colours to suit any location, architectural theme or location. Among the colour options for your design are: Ivory, Black Iron, Dark Beige and many more.


Glass Options

Architectural shape windows often require specialised glass. This can be discussed with our team. However, double and triple glazed glass options are available for most designs as are our coatings.

Our LoE-180 design leverages the latest in glass technology to provide fantastic insulation while also allowing sunlight into the home.

Merivale Window’s Neat glass formula helps keep a bright and tidy appearance by harnessing the sun’s UV rays to help deter dirt and stains.


The grills to be used with architectural shape windows will depend on the design, but standard options are the Georgian, Pencil or Colonial grill styles.

Trimmings can also be chosen to suit your needs.

Hardware for Architectural Style Windows

Hardware can be matched for the architectural shape window’s overall design. However, we have a variety of handles and locks to choose from. These provide added security to your home and further tailor the window’s appearance.

Our handle and lock selection comes in a variety of finishes including Standard White, Western Pewter, Antique Brass and others.

Architectural Style Windows - Pros & Cons


Totally unique - we design custom architectural shape windows to meet your needs.

You get exactly what you want - there is no need to compromise.

Compliments your home completely.

More than a window - a memory, a talking point, a center piece!


Custom designs cost more than standard windows


Your architectural shape windows receive the most attentive service from Merivale Windows, providing our clients with absolutely assurance of the high quality we provide. Our installation process is simple. Here it is:

We’ll come to your home to view the area in which you would like to install your architectural shape windows. We can discuss any potential issues, consider designs and arrange for final measurements to take place.
Final Measurements
Merivale Windows’ technicians will take final measures to ensure that we are certain of the windows’ sizings before it goes to manufacture.
Your architectural shape windows are individually constructed by specialists at the Merivale Windows factory. Architectural shape windows are usually made by hand.
We carefully deliver your windows at a pre-arranged time for installation.
Using craftsmanship and all their experience, our team members swiftly install your new architectural shape windows to deliver total satisfaction.

Architectural shape windows are the most luxurious windows available in Ottawa.

The design team at Merivale Windows is with you every step of the way. From first designs to development, we keep in constant contact with you to ensure the windows we are constructing exactly match your desires.

To bring your dream to life, call Merivale Windows today!