Swing In Patio Doors

Merivale Windows is all about diverse designs. We offer amazing swing in patio doors in Ottawa to help you design a perfect patio area. These swing french door style designs can be custom made and built to your liking, creating a beautiful, unique entryway. No need to worry about durability, because we only use top quality materials and a special welding technique that ensures a close, insulated seal and a perfectly cut door frame every time. Merivale Windows is here to lend our expertise and help with your customization journey.

Why Our Swing in Patio Doors?

  • Energy Efficient - Much like our sliding patio doors, our swing in patio doors are energy efficient. Using our special welding technique and tempered glass, our doors are insulated and tightly sealed, so will minimize heat loss.
  • Built To Last - Our swing in patio doors are made to be durable and long lasting. With our uPVC aluminum reinforced frame system, our swing in doors are strategically built using top quality hardware and structural integrity.
  • Customization - We want to get your swing in patio door right, and the only way to do that is by allowing you, the customer to create your door through our comprehensive customization system.
  • Experience - We’ve been in the game for over 25 years, making us one of the leading experts in swing patio doors. No matter your needs or price range, we’re here to help.
  • Seamless Installation - Our seasoned team of installation experts will be happy to install your swing in patio door, ensuring a close seal for maximum insulation.

Colour Options

We offer a wide range of colour selections for your swing patio door. From Sandstone to Deep Royal Blue, we have just the hue for you.


Finishing Options

Not only do we offer premium paints and stains for your swinging patio door, but we also use a special extruded Capstock colour technology from Europe. This technology ensures Durability, Colour Retention, Stain and Scratch Resistance, Gloss Control, and Impact Retention. We also offer the addition of accessories and grilles to add some flair to your patio door design.



Our hardware and lock systems are made with extremely durable materials ensuring the patio door’s structural integrity and your safety.

Glass Options

At Merivale Windows, we offer the latest and the greatest in glass technology. Our tempered and double laminated glass is specially glazed to minimize heat loss. Not only that, but we’ve introduced Neat Naturally Clean Glass which, by using the sun’s UV rays will loosen the dirt left on the glass and make it easier to wash away, keeping your glass naturally clean. On top of that, our glass provides maximum energy efficiency for your home, it reduces heat loss while also letting more heat and light into your room.


Sliding Patio Doors Configuration

The great thing about our swing in patio doors is that we can customize them to virtually any measurement you require. We also offer many different configurations to match your unique housing needs and your unique measurement of your door frame. From a single door, to a double swing in french door, to a double door with a transom on top we are bound to have a configuration that will fit your home design. Our tilt and turn patio door variations also offer a unique door experience for any home. The customization is up to you, we can mix and match designs until we find the right one that will suit your home set up.

Grilles and Accessories

Our grilles and accessories are the perfect complements to any swing in patio door. We offer both interior and exterior grilles as well as a wide array of accessories that are sure to add something special to your custom creation. Our accessories include brickmoulds, expanders, nailing fins, returns, jamb extensions, and couplers.

Swing patio doors make for a stunning and beautiful entrance for any home set up. Our process makes it easy to choose your design, select your colour, make your final measurements, choose a grille or accessory, and send to production. You can be sure that your swing in patio door is made using top quality materials that are both long lasting and have an eye-catching finish. We are the leaders of door customization for Ottawa swing inpatio doors, and you can count on us to help you create the door of your dreams.