Garden Doors

Merivale Windows Garden doors offer that extra something special. If you’re looking for a stunning entryway, we have just the patio door for you. Garden doors feature a kick panel, adding a special architectural design element to your home. Our garden doors are built with only top quality materials and come in many different designs and colours for you to choose from. It may be difficult to find a durable and stylish garden door in Ottawa, but we are here to help you every step of the way.

Why Our Garden Doors?

  • Design and Colour Options - Our garden door colours come in a wide array of different designs and colours that will fit your unique home set up. We use the Capstock process which results in a one of a kind finish that ensures Durability, Stain, Colour Retention, Scratch Resistance, Gloss Control and Impact Retention.
  • Energy Efficiency - Our garden doors are made to be energy efficient. Heat can often seep out of windows and doors that aren’t sealed or glazed properly. Our special glazing process ensures for minimal heat loss and maximum insulation no matter the weather.
  • Customization - What’s unique about Merivale Windows is that we work closely with you, the customer to create your custom garden door. Our custom designs, finishes, and accessories will allow you to create the door you truly desire.
  • Build To Last - Our garden doors boast beautiful architecture and flawless designs. But they’re also build to last for a long time. From our double tempered glass to our heavy-duty aluminum steel, we use only the best, sturdiest materials to build our doors.
  • Experience - We have been in the garden door business for over 25 years. That means that we have the expertise and skills you need to build your ideal garden door.

Colour Options

Similar to our sliding patio doors, we offer 18 different water-based coloured paints that will compliment your finish. Our paints are environmentally friendly as well as fade resistant.


Finishing Options

Merivale Windows is one of the few companies who has invested in extruded Capstock colour technology from Europe. This technology ensures that your finish is vibrant and thoroughly pigmented and that the surface of your garden door is durable and will withstand the elements. Once you’ve chosen your colour and type of finish, you also have the option of adding grilles and accessories to your garden door, which can be custom built to your liking.



Our hardware and lock systems are durable and discreet. They are made to seamlessly blend into the design of your custom sliding patio door and come in 4 different colours.

Glass Options

We use top quality glass for our garden doors that is both energy efficient and self-cleaning. We’ve adopted a special glazing process that thoroughly insulates each panel of glass, allowing for minimal heat loss resulting in a lower energy bill. Our Neat Naturally Clean Glass feature uses the sun’s UV rays to keep your glass naturally clean, allowing dirt to easily wash away with water. Our quality glass lets enough light and heat in but keeps the cold out. That’s the magic of Merivale Windows glass, we’ve engineered our glass panels with your unique needs in mind.


Grilles and Accessories

Adding a grille or accessory to your garden door will give it that extra something special. Our grilles can be placed on the exterior or interior of your garden door and are sure to complement a variety of different home designs. We also offer a selection of accessories that are made to bring out the best of your garden door. These accessories include brickmoulds, expanders, jamb extensions, nailing fins, returns, couplers.

No matter your price range, your home set up, or special requirements, we are prepared to work with you to create your custom, durable garden door. All you have to do is choose a design, choose a colour, finalize your measurements and select your add ons or accessories. When choosing a garden door in Ottawa, consider the customized route. With complete control over the production of your door, you’re ensuring that you’re getting nothing less than the garden door you truly want.