Storm Doors

Many people have come to realize the appeal of storm doors. Because of its special finish, storm doors will not wear down no matter how much rain, snow, sleet, ice, wind and heat comes up against it. They are made from incredibly strong materials, which protects your home and upkeeps your door’s appearance. At Merivale Windows we install storm doors everyday and have perfected our customization process. Choose your design, choose your color and we’ll do the rest.

If you’re looking for a storm door in Ottawa, we have everything you need in our warehouse and manufacturing facility. Let us show you the door of your dreams.

Why Our Storm Doors?

  • Storm doors are made from very durable material, which protects it from the outdoor elements that it may face throughout its life.
  • Storm doors are the only doors that will guarantee protection from hurricanes and other serious weather threats.
  • Installing a storm door over your screen door will prevent insects and other debris from getting inside.
  • You can boost your home’s energy efficiency by installing a storm door. Our storm doors are well insulated, preventing excess air from seeping out. This will lower your energy bill each month.
  • We make our storm doors in Ottawa in our workshop facility using only the strongest materials. This means that not even sound can penetrate the barrier. Reduce noise pollution in your home with one of our storm doors.

Our Process

First we have a consultation with you where you tell us your requirements and needs for your custom storm door. You will also specify the design and colors you prefer for your custom storm door.
Final Measurements
Based on your specific requirements, we measure your door to fit your home’s measurements.
The door is made in our storm doors manufacturer workshop using the highest quality machines and processes.
The storm door is delivered to your home.
The storm door is expertly installed into your frame, it can even be installed over a screen door.

At Merivale Windows, we are focused on creating the best custom storm door to suit your unique needs. We have the facility to create some of the strongest, most long-lasting and best-looking storm doors in Ottawa.

Call Merivale Windows for all of your storm door needs!