Replacement Windows Buying Guide 2019

Replacement Windows Buying Guide 2019

As the weather starts to turn for the better, the team at Merivale Windows thought it was about time that we released our 2019 replacement window guide! This window replacement guide will go through a few of the current types of windows that we offer, provide you with some tips for replacing windows, as well as some important information like how to budget, and how to determine what window is right for you. In this buyers’ guide, we will start with the types of different replacement windows that our team at Merivale Windows is proud to offer our clients in and around Ottawa!

Replacement Windows Buying Guide 2019

Types of Replacement Windows

Casement Windows

Casement windows are the perfect solution for those spaces that need ventilation, but cannot have a horizontal sash. These crank windows are hinged on one side and open up to ninety degrees to allow for maximum ventilation and ease of use within the home.


Cost Efficient - Casement windows are considered one of the best bangs for your buck windows in the industry when it comes to cost and energy efficiency. With minimal air leakage and solid sound reduction, casement windows have quickly become a top replacement window option here in Ottawa.

Ventilation - As casement windows open up to ninety degrees, they provide quality ventilation, even on the stickiest of days during the dog days of Summer.

Ease of Use - Casement windows are one of the easiest to use windows for the elderly and those with dexterity concerns. The easy to use cranks will ensure that windows can be closed or opened with a few twists of the wrists instead of pushing or pulling like traditional windows.


Size Restrictions - As these windows are a side hinge style, there is a natural restriction on the size of the window due to weight. These windows are always taller than they are wide, and are limited to 1’2” to 2’11/5” wide and 1’5” to 6’1” in height.

Higher Maintenance - Due to the mechanical nature of these crank windows, casement windows have a higher degree of maintenance that is necessary when compared to other types of windows on the market.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are a very similar window design to a casement window, but instead of swinging they open horizontally. Awning windows are hinged at the top and can open at an angle of up to 90 degrees from the top. These windows are ideal for those who are looking for increased ventilation and a window that can be open even in adverse weather.


Ventilation - As these windows can be opened in practically any weather condition, awning windows are an excellent choice for those looking for maximum ventilation in their home.

Clear View - As these windows only contain one sash and no dividends, awning windows are uniquely designed to provide a clear view of the world and allow a massive amount of natural light into a room.

Versatility - As awning windows can be designed for any sized space, these versatile windows can be installed in practically any part of a home.


Not ideal for emergencies - Awning windows are not suitable for an escape in case of an emergency due to their small stature and limited opening potential.

Exposure to the elements - As these windows open from the top and swing out to the elements, the sash and the other components are often exposed to the outside more than other windows. This can lead to rusting and cracking issues that should be monitored throughout the windows life.

Single Slider Windows

Known for their elegant and yet sleek look, single slider windows are one of the most popular window choices in Canada. Otherwise called glider windows, these replacement windows are not only able to glide horizontally but are also able to tilt open to allow for slight ventilation


Minimal space needs- As these types of windows do not require a substantial outward facing opening, these windows are perfect for tight spaces with little room to spare.

Air Ventilation- As these windows can tilt, airflow is not an issue.

Easy Cleaning- Due to their single sash and inside tilting, single slider windows are extremely easy to clean.


Cost- Single slider windows are one of the costlier window options in our lineup due to their multiple sashes. You should expect costs from $250 upwards to $1000 per window if you are looking at single slider vinyl windows.

Difficulty Opening or Closing- Due to the complex sashes that slide horizontally and allow for tilt, single slider windows can be difficult to close or open due to rust or other issues that arise during its lifetime.

Single Hung Windows

Single hung windows are the classic look that you and your home might be missing. These great looking windows can tilt at the bottom and are generally a little more affordable than their double hung counterparts.


Ventilation - As the bottom sash can be tilted open, these windows allow for slight ventilation through the bottom of the window.

Affordable - Compared to the double hung counterparts, single hung windows can often be found at 10% to 20% cheaper!


Energy Efficiency - When compared to double hung, or awning windows, single hung windows are not as airtight, nor energy efficient as other window replacements that are on the market.

Limited Ventilation - As the only moveable sash is the lower sash, these windows are not the best if you are looking for a window to provide ample ventilation.

Slim Fixed

Slim fixed windows are known for their low profile and ascetically pleasing design. With narrow frames and a fixed setting, slim fixed windows can provide ample light without the need to tilt or move.


Cost Efficient - As these are fixed windows, they are incredibly affordable when compared to other types of windows. There is no hardware nor are they operable which helps cut costs for installation.

Easily customised - The team at Merivale Windows can help you customise these windows into different shapes to fit your space, and a slim fixed window can turn into a talking piece within a room due to its customizable nature.

Viewing Surface - As these windows do not have any hardware, the glass surface area is maximised which in turn ensures that clients that choose slim fixed windows have the maximum viewing surface area when compared to other window types.


No Ventilation - As these windows do not open, they do not offer clients any ventilation.

Cleaning - Cleaning can be tough with fixed slim windows as cleaning the outside of the window can be very difficult if placed in a particularly hard spot to reach.

Bay Windows

A look that has become synonymous with style and grace, the bay window has been a popular choice for Canadians since Victorian times. Generally, the bay window includes an arc that extends outside of the walls of the building at an angle of either 90, 135 or 150 degrees.


Appearance - A bay windw has always been considered a great look for a home, and creates an interior alcove that is perfect for displays and provides a cosy place to curl up and read your favourite book.

Increased resale price - Bay windows are widely considered a positive entity for any home, and they even bump up your overall square footage when it is time to sell!

Increased Light - As bay windows include a large amount of glass, it should be no surprise that these windows are known to let in an ample amount of natural light to a room.


Pricing - Bay windows are not cheap, and quality bay windows can run between $2600 to $3500 per window.

Complicated treatments - Due to the positioning of the panes and complicated set up of bay windows, treatments are often a little more complicated than with other types that we offer.

However, what window is perfect for me?

The team at Merivale Windows often gets this question, and the answer depends on what you want. Our team of experts can provide you with some ideas during your initial appointment. However, as people still ask, we have provided some very broad answers to common questions we get!

Are you looking for best bang for your buck? Look at cranked windows such as casement or awning windows

Are you looking for the most cost-effective option? Look to fixed windows.

Are you looking to bump your assessed value? Look to bay windows as they add square footage and look great.

How to Budget

When it comes to determining a budget for your project, you have to remember that there are a number of factors that go into determining the cost. For instance, if you are looking at a simple purchase of a replacement window you have to consider the material used, the brand name, the hardware and of course the window glass! Here at Merivale Windows we like to make things easy for you and will work with you to provide you with an assortment of window options and an accurate quote within a few days of our initial visit. We want to ensure that you are comfortable with the look, the options and of course the cost of the project before going ahead.

As our window projects differ with each home and window size, the team at Merivale Windows is not able to give an accurate quote over the phone for our clients. However, the standard moderately priced window will cost roughly $550, and if you are looking to ballpark a larger installation, multiply $550 by the number of windows. This will help structure your budget and will provide you with a rough amount to save up for, or borrow from a line of credit or another financing mechanism that you are using.

The Merivale Windows Difference

With over 25 years of experience on our staff, the team at Merivale Windows is uniquely positioned to assist in finding replacement windows for your home. Whether you are buying new windows for a new build or are thinking of buying replacement windows for your current home, our team is here for you. With our great selection, fantastic customer service and commitment to excellence in our installation and follow up services, the team at Merivale Windows cannot wait to find the perfect window for your space! If you want to chat windows, new or replacement, feel free to stop by our showroom or if you prefer, call our office, and one of our expert staff members can set up a no commitment appointment at your home!