Tilt & Turn European Style Windows in Ottawa

Merivale Windows is committed to offering clients in Ottawa total freedom of window choice. For that reason, we carry the European style tilt and turn window design.

Our tilt and turn window gives its user two working methods which can be employed depending on the situation. The tilt and turn offers both the tilting feature, ideal when a breeze through a room is required. Meanwhile, the turning feature can allow the window to swing open completely. This is a superb choice when access to balconies is required.

As with all Merivale Windows products, our European style tilt and turn windows provide guaranteed quality and are constructed to the very highest standard.

Tilt & Turn Windows Features

The European tilt and turn window is a superb window design choice. Among the features that the tilt and turn delivers are:

  • Dual-function delivers maximum flexibility in use - tilt or turn depending on the requirements of that moment.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Tilt option offers great ventilation.
  • Extra option as an emergency exit.
  • Allows maximum sunlight to enter rooms.
  • Available in double and triple pane.

Colour Options

To make sure that your tilt and turn windows perfectly suit your home, Merivale Windows offers a large selection of colour options to choose from. Among these are: Ivory, Black Iron, Dark Beige and many other.


Glass Options

Our tilt and turn windows come ready to be customized with glass options that suit you. We have both double and triple pane thicknesses and can offer exceptional coatings to enhance the glass’ performance.

Our advanced LoE-180 coating brings modern technology to your home to allow sunlight to easily enter a room while keeping it well insulated from the cold outside.

Alternatively, our Neat glass coating utilizes the sun’s UV rays to deter dirt from sticking to your windows and keep them sparkling clean.


The grills on your tilt and turn windows can be chosen to match your home’s exterior.

With the European tilt and turn style, we can place grills over half of the pane while leaving the other half untouched.

Among our grill styles are the European, Georgian and Colonial styles.

Don’t remember the pick your window trims!


The handle is of central importance to the trim and turn window, as this is what operates its movement. Make sure you choose the right handle finish for your home. Among the styles available are Standard White, Bright Brass and Antique Brass.

Locks are also available for added security.

Tilt & Turn Windows Pros & Cons


Tilting offers versatility and flexibility for ventilation while turning offers full access to the outside area.

Easy to use and maintain without ladders.

Improved insulation qualities over other styles.

Unobstructed views to outside.


Wider frames required mean they are not ideal for smaller homes.

Sophisticated tilt and turn mechanism can be more costly.


Our tilt and turn European style windows come delivered to you with the same supreme care that all of the products from Merivale Windows. Here is a quick breakdown of our installation process:

We will go to your home to view the room in which you would like to install tilt and turn windows. We will talk you through your options and the suitability of your chosen style so that you have all the information necessary to make an informed decision.
Final Measurements
We take a series of measurements for your windows whereby we make sure that the sizes going to the factory are exactly what you need.
Your tilt and turn windows are swiftly constructed at our Ottawa factory.
Merivale Windows delivers your windows from the factory door right to you, ensuring your windows arrive in superb condition.
Our highly skilled team installs your tilt and turn windows where agreed so that you can enjoy their functionality into the long-term.

For total versatility of use, European tilt and turn windows cannot be bettered.

Buying from Merivale Windows means buying from Ottawa’s most trusted window supplier. For dedication, quality and customer commitment, choose Merivale Windows! Get in touch today to receive a free quote on tilt and turn windows for your home.